I am a certified eyelash technician. I completed my education and training at the Misencil Academy in Toronto Ontario. I am a proud member of WALAD (world association of lash artistry and development) to keep current on the latest lash techniques and committed to ongoing education in the industry. I specialize in classic lashes which is the art of skillfully applying a single eyelash extension to one isolated natural lash. I use only high end salon quality products by Misencil and Sugar Lash Pro. I carry many different types of lashes in different lengths, widths, and curls to create a personalized look for each of you.

Aftercare Tips


1. How are eyelash extensions applied?

Upon arrival we will have a consultation to discuss what type of look you would like and determine what type of lashes, lengths, widths and curl we will use for your eye shape and the texture, length and strength of your natural lashes. You will then lay down and have anti wrinkle patches applied to your lower lash line to protect your under eye area while giving you an under eye treatment for a smoother, well rested and luminous under eye area. I will then apply a single eyelash extension to an isolated natural eyelash, one by one using a medical grade adhesive designed specifiaclly for the application of eyelash extensions. You will then experience a light mist on your lashes using a nano mister, to cure the adhesive, speeding up the drying time.

2. Are the extensions comfortable? Will I feel them on my lashes?

The eyelash extensions are of the highest quality and are ultra-light and flexible, you will not feel any discomfort during or after the application, but you may feel a boost of confidence and glamour.

3. How long will my eyelash extensions last?

They can last as long as you want. Natural eyelashes have a growth cycle of about 60 days. On average a person naturally loses 1 - 4 eyelashes every day. New lashes are constantly growing in. Touch up sessions also called fills are recommend every 2 to 3 weeks in order to maintain a nice full lash line.

4. Will my natural lashes be damaged?

Absolutely not! the professional and ultra safe Misencil technique will not damage your natural eyelashes because the eyelash extensions are applied to one lash at a time without touching your skin using an adhesive formulated in a laboratory specifically for eyelash extensions.

5. What do I need to do to prepare for my eyelash appointment?

Come to your appointment having thoroughly washed eyes so they are free of makeup (mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow) and any oil residue on or around your eyes. If you wear contacts, it is recommended that you not wear them to your eye appointment.